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Finding a good roofing company when performing a google search for ” roofing contractor Rancho Santa Fe” is no small task. Understandably, you want to be 100% confident that the roofing company you choose is reliable across-the-board.

From always being courteous and honest to using durable roofing materials to installing them with expert precision, we aim to be that 100% reliable roofing company. Do we live up to that goal? Our many satisfied customers will tell you in a heartbeat that we’re the best Rancho Santa Fe roofing contractor out there. Here’s what you should know about the superior residential and commercial roofing services we offer.

The Best in Residential Roofing Repair

Powerful gusts of wind, water, and fallen debris such as tree branches are just a few potential threats to your home’s roofing system. Many other problems can arise as well including punctures to or the shrinking of roof materials.

In any case, roof damage that goes unnoticed or that’s ignored only gets worse, requiring more time and money to fix. So it’s our goal to act fast in response to reports of roof leaks, cracked or missing shingles, and other issues.

Unlike other local roofing companies in Rancho Santa Fe, we don’t just offer patchwork roofing solutions. We fix problems at their source, repairing the full extent of the damage and restoring your roof to its prior functional condition. It doesn’t matter what roof type you have or whether you’ve got asphalt shingles, cool roof shingles, clay tile, etc. We can get roof repairs done fast and done right.

Rancho Santa fe roof repair that needed new wood due to damage

Residential Roofing Installation in Rancho Santa Fe

Need a new roof for a new home? A new roof for an existing home? In either case, you’ll be interested in our residential roofing installation service. Not only are our home roofing systems aesthetically attractive, which can boost curb appeal, but they’re functional. We settle for nothing less than maximum efficiency and safety and the installation process plays a big part in achieving that.

Rather than cutting corners—failing to repair damage to the underlayment before installation, not removing damaged roofing materials, and so on—we go the distance. We take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that our roofing work lasts. That includes things like installing new flashings to divert water away from critical areas of your roof and prevent leaks.

While we have the utmost confidence in the level of craftsmanship we bring to the table, this doesn’t stop us from offering one of the best warranties the industry has to offer. Not only is it transferable and non-prorated, but it also covers materials and workmanship. In other words, it offers an additional layer of ultimate peace of mind. Be sure to ask us about the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty!

Rancho Santa fe roof replacement of the underlayment waterproofing

Our Rancho Santa Fe Commercial Roofing Installation Service

In addition to our residential services, we’re also a top choice for commercial roofing installation in Rancho Santa Fe. Who do we serve? The owners of retail locations, office spaces, and various types of other commercial properties.

From built-up roofing, which is common for flat roofs, to low-slope roofing to steep roofing, we can meet a range of needs. And just as with our residential roofing projects, we can work with many roofing materials including concrete tile, bitumen, and more.

We will be happy to assess your needs and recommend tailored roofing solutions to get you the most functional, affordable result.

Rancho Santa fe coomercial roofing with a Duro-Last cool roof

Do You Need Commercial Roofing Repair?

If you’re a building owner in Rancho Santa Fe, it’s up to you to make sure that your roof is always in good condition. So if you’re aware of an issue such as a roof leak, you’d do well to have it professionally evaluated and restored as soon as possible.

But what if you’re not aware of any issues, though? It doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or that they’re getting worse every day. Not all commercial roof repairs will be obvious to you, at least not until they’ve progressed significantly, perhaps even to the point of roof failure. This highlights the importance of following through with semi-annual roof inspections. These inspections help us catch and address issues early (or even avoid them altogether with preventative maintenance).

commercial roof repairs in Rancho Santa Fe due to damage roof materials

The Rancho Santa Fe Roofing Contractor You’ve Been Looking For

At the end of the day, a roofing system is only as good as the roofing products and workman that install it. How good are our roofing systems, then? Excellent!

Not only are we certified installers of all the best roofing products including Duro-Last, GAF, and Eagle, but we have years of specialized experience on a variety of roofing projects. Plus, we’re licensed, bonded, and fully insured. You couldn’t be in better hands when it comes to your roofing needs, either residential or commercial!

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