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Do you call the affluent seaside city of Solana Beach home? Do you own a commercial property there? In either case, you need a roofing company you can trust to take care of your roofing needs quickly and competently when they arise.

Why is Roofing Specialists of San Diego that company? All across San Diego County, our clients know and love us for quality craftsmanship, installation of top-notch roofing products, and creating exceptional customer experiences from beginning to end. If you choose us, we will bring nothing less to your project. What kind of project might that be?

We Accept Commercial Roofing Installation Projects

As you know, Solana Beach is home to many independent businesses including galleries, shops, eateries and more. This diversity creates the need for a versatile arsenal in terms of roofing types, techniques, and materials. And, unlike some roofing contractors in Solana Beach, we have that full arsenal. Our expertise and our capabilities are extensive.

For example, we can and do install built-up roofing systems, which are a common choice for flat roofs. However, we also install low-slope, steep slope and various other types of roofing systems. Similarly, we are experts in the use and installation of various materials. These include slate, clay tile, concrete tile, asphalt shingles and more, all of which we source from the industry’s most trusted brands.

If you own a commercial property in Solana Beach and you need a reputable roofing company, give us a call. We can help you with any of your commercial roofing installation requirements.

Solana Beach commercial roofing using Duro-Last cool roofing

Our Top-Rated Commercial Roofing Repair Services

While you may be a commercial building owner, you may not need roof replacement services or a brand new roof. Are repair services (AKA roof restoration) more in line with your needs? How can you know? There are two ways.

First off, you may notice glaring roofing issues, in which case, you shouldn’t delay in getting them taken care of. For example, if you notice water spots forming on your ceiling indicating a roof leak, you’d do well to call a roofer right away. You do not want commercial roof repairs to get out of control as they can cost you thousands in delayed repairs.

On the other hand, you may find out that your roof is in need of repair during your semi-annual roofing inspection. When was your last inspection? If it’s been more than 6 months, you’ll want to schedule one with us ASAP. After all, roofing inspections are one of the primary ways we catch issues early before they grow too expensive or extensive. And they’re also the first step to preventative maintenance, which can help you avoid problems altogether and save money in the long run.

Commercial roof repairs due to water leaking in Solana Beach

Our Solana Beach Residential Roofing Repair Services

Your home’s roof can incur all sorts of damage. Water leaks, shrinking roofing materials, and cracked shingles are just a few examples.

Over time, it’s highly likely that you’ll experience at least one such issue. Even the best roofing systems do naturally deteriorate over the years. And that’s not to mention that they can be directly damaged by heavy winds, fallen debris, heavy rainfall and so on.

Not if but when you need roof repair services, Roofing Specialists of San Diego will be standing by to assist. It will be our goal, as always, to restore your roof to its previous condition, fixing issues quickly and completely!

New roofing installation in Solana Beach using Owens Corning asphalt shingles

Residential Roofing Installation in Solana Beach

If you need a roof for a new Solana Beach home or it’s time for re-roofing, we can help. With a focus on and never-ending commitment to durability, we take no shortcuts. Sometimes, to do our due diligence, we must make repairs to the underlying structure of a roof, install new flashings to divert water away from critical areas and so on. But we do it all gladly and with expert precision. You do not want to cut corners with your new roof installation.

Additionally, we offer an exceptional shingles warranty, which is transferable, non-prorated, and inclusive of materials and workmanship. Ask us about it. It’s called the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty and it’s one of the best warranties out there!

Solana beach roof repair on asphalt shingles due to water leaks

Your Roofing Contractor in Solana Beach

It’d be a shame to settle for any other roofing company when your money and your safety are on the line. Our roofing specialists are true pros and our capabilities are virtually unlimited. Plus, we use only the best products and materials such as Boral, Tropical Roofing Products and Owens Corning. Of course, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured as well.

With our company, you’re guaranteed a positive outcome and a positive experience. Whether you’ve got a home improvement project or a roofing emergency, you can call us with confidence.

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Whether you need roof repair or roof installation for a commercial or residential property in Solana Beach, we can help. Get in touch today and request a free estimate! We can also help with your professional roof inspection service.