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If and when you have a need for roofing services of any sort, choosing a reputable roofing company is key. Choose wrong and you will end up spending extra to correct poorly-done work. Choose wisely, though, and you’ll have no roofing worries after the work is done. When you are searching for “roofing contractor Vista” you will come across many options. None of them will provide the same quality and service that you deserve besides Roofing Specialists Of San Diego.

The worry-free experience you’re after can be found with Roofing Specialists of San Diego. Regarded by our clients as the best roofing contractor in Vista and San Diego County, we’re proud to be able to meet a variety of needs for our diverse client base. Here’s what we offer.

Unrivaled Commercial Roofing Installation Services

Our capabilities range from flat, built-up roofs to metal roofs to steep roofs and beyond. We’re skilled in installing the various types of roofing systems common in San Diego County, as well as working with the many different materials they call for.

We’ve had the pleasure of installing several new, durable, high-functioning roofing systems for various apartment complexes, offices, and other commercial buildings in the area. If you own a commercial property in Vista, CA and need either a new roof for a new building or re-roofing services, we can help.

We can even offer cool roofing, a popular, energy-efficient option that saves our clients tons of money, especially in summer! Feel free to ask us about cool commercial roofing installation and the alternatives we offer.

Commercial roofing installation contractor using Duro-Last cool roof materials

Residential Roofing Installation in Vista, California

Besides commercial roofing installation, we also serve homeowners in the Vista area. What’s the difference between our commercial and residential roofing installation services? Definitely not quality or durability. We always use the industry’s most durable roofing materials and install them with expert precision.
However, unlike many commercial roofing systems, residential ones are often more visible. For this reason, we go to great lengths to ensure that they’re fully-functional, long-lasting, and attractive. We gladly help our clients select materials that look great and match the style of their homes.

For example, we offer a wide selection that includes slate, concrete and clay tile, asphalt shingles, cool roof shingles, and more. Each has its pros and cons. So we take the time to walk each of our clients through all suitable options, taking into consideration budget, the lifespan of the materials, and other important factors. In the long run, this approach gets the best results.

And while we have full confidence in the quality of the roofing systems we provide, we still offer added security for your benefit. This comes in the form of the outstanding Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty. What’s so great about it? It’s transferable, non-prorated, and covers both materials and workmanship.

Roofing installation in Vista, CA using Owens Corning roof shingles

We Provide Residential Roofing Repair in Vista

Is your roof leaking? Are there shingles missing or cracked? Has your roof been damaged by debris such as fallen tree branches? If so, now is the time to get the problem fixed. If you were to wait, it’d only cost you more in the future.

But you need more than just a fast fix, though. You want to have full confidence that your roof repairs have been done right. Well, we do it right! Rather than selling you patchwork roofing solutions that only partially address or temporarily fix issues, we tackle roof problems from the root. Such thorough roof repairs go a long way in extending the overall lifespan of your roof.

Roofing repairs made in Vista due to severe wood damage

Our Exceptional Commercial Roofing Repair Service

When it comes to commercial roofing repair, it’s imperative that issues are addressed quickly and completely. Whether due to normal wear and tear or sudden damage to your roof, we provide the roofing solutions you need.

Not only can we fix what’s wrong now, we can also anticipate upcoming problems and recommend preventative maintenance. Then, if you’d like to proceed with implementing our recommendations, we can take those precautions for you. For example, one common preventative maintenance measure we take is applying roof coatings and sealants, which prevent leakage and water damage.

In any case, our goal is to get your roof into better shape and keep it functional for as long as possible. That way, you don’t constantly have additional roofing expenses looming over your head.

Vista commercial roofing contractor removing the old damaged area of roofing

The Only Vista Roofing Contractor Worth Calling

Our name—Roofing Specialists of San Diego—has become synonymous with flawless craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Plus, we use only time-tested roofing products from industry leaders such as Owen’s Corning, Tropical Roofing Products, and Eagle. Last but not least, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured. We cover all the bases!

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