Roof Installation In Mira Mesa Using Owens Corning Energy Efficient Roof Shingles

Our valued customer reached out to us again for a new shingle roof replacement for her Mira Mesa home and they also wanted solar panel installation. She was very happy with the Duro-last PVC roofing system that we installed on her flat room edition four years prior in Mira Mesa.

About This Project

Estimator: Robert Garnier

Type of roofing:

Owens Corning Duration Cool Shingles Shasta White Roofing

Solar Panels Installed: QCells solar panels and Enphase IQ7 Micro Inverters

Robert also helped with providing the overview and scope of work provided for this families roof in rancho Bernardo

They called back because they knew four years prior that the shingle roof only had a few years of life left in it, and her electric bill was very high due to running the A.C in the summer months.

Our Mira Mesa Roof Replacement Recommendations Discussed

The current roof was a dark Gray shingle, and she did not have the proper attic ventilation. We suggested installing a lighter color Cool shingle to reflect some of the heat and updating the attic ventilation. Our customer chose the coolest color shingle, Shasta White, and we added more intake and exhaust ventilation. this customer was also interested in solar. We went back out to the home and took a look at the electrical panel, took some pictures and received a copy of their most recent electric bill. We then worked up a solar system that would meet her demands. After going over payment options, they wanted to finance the project, so we got them signed up with the financing plan that they were comfortable with, and went to work.

How we Helped With This Mira Mesa Roof Installation

We removed the existing roofing first, replaced all of the bad wood, and then performed the new roof replacement for this Mira Mesa home. Our Client noticed right away that the home was cooler due to the lighter color Owens Corning roofing shingle that was installed. Once the solar panel installation permitting was approved we came back out and installed the solar panel system with our sister company Unified Solar And roofing. The owner of Roofing specialists Of San Diego is also the co-owner of Unified and we work together to help our valued customers with all of their Mira Mesa Roofing and solar needs. This job went smoothly and the client was very happy with the overall production and the time frame to complete the job.

How We Can Help With your Mira Mesa Roofing Needs

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