La Mesa Roof Replacement Using Owens Corning Asphalt Roof Shingles

The customer reached out to us with concerns about her current composition shingle roof. The home was located in La Mesa 91942. There were no leaks on the roof, she noticed the shingle was losing the granule surface which exposes the fiberglass in the shingle and it begins to shine in the sunlight. She also commented that the home gets very hot. The current shingle roof was installed approximately 31 years ago, and the roof size was 31 squares.

The original roofing that was removed, before the new shingle roof, was a Cedar shingle roof. Most Cedar shingle roofing is installed over skip sheeting. Skip sheeting consists of either a three or five inch board, then a gap between the boards of three or more inches. You have to install plywood over the skip sheeting to install any type of new roofing.

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About This Old La Mesa Roofing Project

Cedar shingle roofing and wood shake roofing are both installed over skip sheeting. When it comes to attic ventilation on these types of roofing systems, there are usually only a couple of vents installed at the peak of the roof, if any at all. The reason is, these types of roofing systems can breathe throughout the entire roof because of the skip sheeting, the air can find its way out.

About This La Mesa Roof Replacement

Plywood was installed over the skip sheeting and a 40 year composition shingle was used for this La Mesa roof replacement project. Once you install plywood over the skip sheeting the attic cannot vent freely anymore, it becomes choked up. You must install more intake ventilation just beyond the overhang areas and more exhaust ventilation at the peak of the roof.

A 40 year shingle was installed over the plywood with no intake ventilation added, and two small dormer vents for exhaust ventilation. The shingle was showing signs of premature burnout due to the lack of adding more attic ventilation when performing this previous roofing installation. If done correctly the 40 year shingle would have lasted longer than 31 years and closer to its life expectancy if not beyond.

We proposed to remove the existing layer of roofing and install an Owens Corning Tru definition Duration Cool shingle for the new roof replacement project on this La Mesa home. We also proposed updating the attic ventilation with low profile Ember Resistant attic vents. Even though the customers home is not in an area that requires Ember Resistant vents, we install those on all of our roof replacement jobs.

The job went very smoothly. We started the job on a Tuesday morning. We had our truck and trailers there at 7am, and the roofing was removed by 10am and hauled away. We completed the roofing on the following day, Wednesday by 5pm.

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