To achieve a 50 year labor and material warranty on any Owens Corning shingle roof installation, we must remove all the old roofing materials down to the wood and use 3 Owens Corning accessory items. This job had 2 layers of asphalt shingles and some flat sections that had 3 layers. We removed all the old roofing and hauled it away to a legal dump site. We then installed our Owens Corning Deck Defense paper and Owens Corning Weather Guard peel and stick to all valleys. The costumer chose the asphalt shingle color Amber for their new roof installation, which is an Energy Star rated shingle. The flat roofs were treated with Johns Manvile Torch Down roofing rolls. We found some bad wood on this job and replaced it to ensure a sound substrate under the new roof being installed. We also noticed that the previous roofing contractor made his own cooping metal by gluing two pieces of drip edge metal together with calking. We don’t think this is the best way to flash parapet walls so we brought our roofing up and over the walls to seal them properly ensuring there will be no roof leaks.
New shingle roof with Lifetime warranty in Bay Park, CA, 92110
Date published: 06/04/2020