El Cajon roof Replacement With Solar Panel Removal And Reset

This customer reached out to us to inspect the roof on his home due to the existing age of the roof. The home was located in El Cajon and was built in 2006, so the roofing was around 16 years old. The garage had 65 solar panels installed on it, and needed to be removed and reinstalled for the roof replacement project. We are a licensed El Cajon roofing contractor.

About This Project

Estimator: Robert Garnier

Type of roofing:

20 year Johns Manville Dibiten Cool torch down system

Robert also helped with providing the overview and scope of work provided for this families roof in rancho Bernardo

Why We Are Providing A Roof Replacement For This El Cajon home

He had one small leak in an area that was repaired the year prior. The current roofing was a Gray torch down roof with a beige coating over the top. The coating was starting to peel up in several areas and was looking patchy everywhere. The customer also mentioned that the original Gray roofing was very hot, and that is why they installed the beige coating. I talked to them about their options for a new roof replacement and explained that White would be the most reflective and the coolest color we could install. I provided options for Johns Manville Dibiten Cool torch down system in a 12 year or a 20 year material warranty, a Duro-Last PVC roofing system, and a GAF Everguard TPO roofing system. Chris chose the 20 year Johns Manville Dibiten Cool torch down system.

What We Did For This El Cajon Roof Replacement

We brought in our sister company, Unified Solar and Roofing to remove and reinstall the solar panels. We had to update some of the rails, brackets, and grounding wire due to the system being around 12 years old. With the home and the garage we were looking at 77 square of roofing to install. We had 12 of our installers on site, we started on a Tuesday and were finished the following Thursday. Our solar division came in on Friday and the system up and running on the following Tuesday. The family was very happy with the overall experience with the company and the time it took to complete the roofing and solar reinstall.

How We Can Help With your El Cajon Roofing And Solar

Roofing Specialists Of San Diego along with Unified Solar And Roofing can help with all of your roofing and solar concerns. We offer El Cajon roof replacement, roof repair, and roof inspection services. Unified offers solar panel installation, solar repair, and solar battery storage. If you need our help, feel free to call us at (858) 922-5903 or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.