We Replaced The Old Shake Roof With A Owens Corning Asphalt Roof Replacement In La Jolla

We received a call from our client about a home that he inherited from one of his family members and was in need of a new roof. The home is located in La Jolla and had the original wood shake roof that was over 50 years old. The customer was set to do a full remodel, inside and outside of the home. Robert, the sales associate for Roofing Specialists of San Diego set up a time to go out and meet with the client to inspect, and measure the roof so that we can provide an accurate quote for this La Jolla roof installation project.

Upon meeting with him, he explained the details for the remodel and what he was going to take care of and what he would like us to take care of. Due to the existing age of the wood shake roof, there was quite a bit of termite damage to the wood around the perimeter of the home, and some to the wooden beams inside of the home. Our client stated that he was very handy and a wood craftsman by trade and was going to take part in a lot of the repairs himself. We made a list and took pictures of what he would like us to take care of.

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Robert was professional, meeting with him was insightful and invaluable. He has a deep knowledge of the subject and I would highly recommend having this company come see your project before you make any final decisions.

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The garage was detached from the house and had skip sheeting under the wood shake roof and required plywood to be installed over the skip sheeting. This is common with wood shake roofing. The main has already had plywood installed under the wood shake roof. We measured the roof and went over some sample boards and colors for an Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Cool shingle roof.

The client stated that he would not be ready to start the project until the following year around mid summer. He called Robert back the following year and was just about ready to go for the new roof. He asked if we could come back out to take a look at some of the changes he made to a couple areas on the roof. We went over the details and took some pictures and updated the previous estimate.

We signed the contract and scheduled the job. One of the most important things about re-roofing a shake roof with composition shingles is to update the attic ventilation. We chose to install some Ember Resistant O Hagan low profile attic vents down low for intake ventilation and a 9” Owens Corning Ventsure ridge vent system for the exhaust ventilation.

We calculated the attic space to a 1/300 square feet of attic floor space for the ventilation. This roof replacement in La Jolla included Owens Corning Pro Armor synthetic underlayment nailed with plastic cap nails to the plywood. We installed a 2” Brown drip edge metal to the perimeter of the home. We installed all new 26 gauge galvanized step flashing metal to all of the wall areas, and new 26 gauge galvanized pipe jack flashings to all the plumbing pipes and heater pipes.

We installed an Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Cool shingle for this La Jolla roof replacement and the detached garage. We installed a 10” high profile Owens Corning DecRidge shingle at the peak of the roof, (Ridge Area) There were a couple low slope areas that were below a 2-12 roof pitch, so we had to install a low slope roofing system on these areas. We chose a Johns Manville Dibiten 4.5mm poly 20 year torch down system on these areas. In the end the client was very happy with the overall experience start to finish on the home improvement project where we help by providing the new roof installation.

The communication was good from start to finish. Robert the sales associate for Roofing Specialists of San Diego set up a time for a final job walk. All checked out well. Here is a review that Harper posted for the company.

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