This roofing job started with a phone call in the middle of a rare but very rainy week here in San Diego, California. Robert Garnier, our lead estimator went out to do the initial roof estimate and provided a quote to the customer. When we received the go ahead from the homeowner we were prompt to get to her needs which is to solve the roof leaks below the chimney. We first remove all tile in the leak area and assess the damage to the felt paper. Tile roofs are not 100% water proof. The paper bellow the tile is what really protects the home from water. Building codes back in the day were only 1 layer of 40# felt and this is only a 10-20 year life expectancy on the water proofing of your home. We always put 2 layers of paper to ensure our roof repairs last at least 20 years. Once we install the felt paper we then re-install all existing roof tiles back to the roof using galvanized nails. We also walk the entire roof to replace any broken or damaged tiles tuning up the roof.

Roofing Specialists of San Diego were AWESOME to work with. They were able to come out in a very timely manner during a very busy rainy week and repair a leak in our roof. The work was done quickly, right on estimate and the crew was terrific. Our housing inspector said they did a great job as well--definitely recommend!
Roof tile repair in Scripps Ranch, CA, 92131
Date published: 07/16/2020
5 / 5 stars