This job started with a roofing estimate by Robert Garnier. With all roof estimates, we will give you both new roofing installation and roof repair options based on the overall condition of the roof. On this job we lifted all the tiles in the roof leak areas and noticed some additional issues around the skylight. We notified the homeowner right away and suggested we replace the skylight as well since it was damaged. We found a small bit of bad plywood during this roof repair and replaced it at no extra cost to the homeowner. We then flashed the skylights and chimney back to current building codes and re installed the roof tiles back replacing any broken tile with new..

Who did you work with? Were they professional? Please explain: Robert and Eric were both very professional. The response time was very short in setting up the repair. Robert took the time to explain our issue, our options and the next steps. The men that showed up to fix the roof and the man that took photos were very polite and worked quickly. How was your overall experience with Roofing Specialists of San Diego? Please explain: Great. This is our first home and had never experienced an issue with our roof. Our problems were diagnosed quickly and all costs were explained up front. We were able to get the work done two days after we first made contact and the work was completed in 1 day. As far as customer service goes, it was a very good experience. Anything else you would like to add? Please explain: Dropping money into a roof is not an exciting use of cash, but the experience was great. From the time frame to the quality of the service, Roofing Specialists of San Diego did an outstanding job. Thanks guys.
Tile roof repair on Heather Glenn Way, San Diego, CA, 92128
Date published: 04/29/2020
5 / 5 stars