Rancho Bernardo Tile Roof Replacement With Existing Solar Panels On the Roof

this valued customer reached out to us for a consultation about his tile roof. The roof was an original tile roof that was 34 years old and he was having a few areas that had been leaking over the past few years. He had been doing minor repairs on the leak areas, only to have them failing and leaking again the next year. I sat down with Steve to educate and explain how a tile roofing works.

About this Project

Estimator: Robert Garnier

Tile roofing: Eagle Tile

Type Of Tile: Malibu, Caliente

Robert also helped with providing the overview and scope of work provided for this families roof in rancho Bernardo

About Tile Roof Replacement In Rancho Bernardo

When it comes to tile roof replacement in Rancho Bernardo, the tile is not the water proofing. The tile liner underlayment we install and nail to the plywood during the roof installation process is the water proofing. Tile is cosmetic to give the home a nice look and to protect the underlayment from the sun destroying it within years. Most of the track homes that were built in the eighties and nineties with tile roofing have one ply of 40lb organic tile liner, or some only have one ply of 30lb organic underlayment. One ply of 40lb tile liner comes with a 10 year material warranty, two ply would come with a 20 year warranty. The manufacturer will state check one ply of 40lb tile liner at 20 years, and replace no later than 25 years.

About This specific Rancho Bernardo Roof Replacement

this specific home is 34 years old. When it comes to the plumbing and heater pipes on these tract homes built in the eighties and early nighties, they installed a 26 gauge galvanized pipe flashing under the tile and installed mortar (Cement) around the top of the pipe to divert the water around the penetration. This code changed in 1996, we now install a galvanized or aluminum flashing on the top side of the tile instead of cement. We now install 2-ply of 40lb SBS modified tile liner under the tile.

The SBS modified can expand and contract more throughout hot and cold weather and is more reliable. This rancho Bernardo home is now ready for a  roof replacement by performing a tile lift and relay keeping the old tile, or removing the existing tile and installing new tile. With a tile lift and lay, we keep the existing tile, lift it, stack it on the roof, inspect all wood for dry rot and replace if necessary, install 2-ply of Malarkey SBS modified tile liner, update all metal flashing along the eave edge, wall areas, pipe flashing, chimneys, skylights, attic ventilation, and relay the existing tile.

One of the most important areas to address is attic ventilation. We add more intake ventilation and exhaust ventilation. All vents are Ember Resistant. This work comes with a 20 year Malarkey underlayment warranty, and a 10 year workmanship warranty, meaning we install the tile back to manufacturer specifications, and no leaks. With new tile, all the updates are the same as a tile lift n lay, we just install new tile. This customer said he would be interested in seeing both proposals. One of the concerns for them was matching the existing tile as close as possible. In this case I explained that the tile manufacturer was Monier, and they went out of business several years ago, and the tile is hard to find and can be expensive if found.

After looking at the options, they decided to move forward with the new tile proposal. He then made a choice between two colors, I reached out to my tile rep for those samples and dropped them off to the clients within two days. He made a decision within a week to go with the Eagle tile, Malibu was the style of tile, and the color was caliente. We then ordered the tile and put him on the schedule for his Rancho Bernardo roof replacement. Another concern for the client was how much wood repair will they have? There was a lot of visual bad wood that I could see when walking around the perimeter of the home with them. I took the measurements of what I could see, and went over those numbers to give them an idea of what they would be looking at for the wood replacement. I made sure he understood this is only a visual calculation, and this number could grow upon removing the existing roofing.

Completing This New Roof Installation

We scheduled and completed the job within 5 days. The home had solar panels on the roof. Steve was under contract with the solar company. I had the customer forward their contact information over and coordinated with them every step of the way, from solar panel removal to reinstall. We communicated with them on the wood replacement, calling them to go over the numbers, sending a change order document for the wood that was being replaced, and pictures daily on the progress of the job. The family was very happy with the way the job went, the wood replacement, the time frame to complete the job, and the overall look of the new tile roof.

How We Can Help With Your Rancho Bernardo Roofing Needs

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