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An Exceptional Roofing Contractor in Bay Park

The Bay Park community, just west of beautiful Mission Bay, is one of San Diego’s many local gems. If you’re lucky enough to own a home or commercial property there, surely you want to keep it in great condition.

To do that, one of the things you’ll need is a roofing contractor. But you shouldn’t go with just any roofing company. No, you need one that’s time-tested with a fine reputation. You need the best roofing contractor in Bay Park.

Roofing Specialists of San Diego is known for both professional service and exceptional craftsmanship. We’ve knocked several jobs out of the park for clients in Bay Park and we can do the same for you.

After finding leaks on our ceiling we had a good idea that the old flat section of our roof was leaking. A few years ago we had roofing Specialists of San Diego out to install our new roof but decided not to replace that flat section to save a few bucks. Lo and behold Bob came out and found an area that was pooling up and had some damage. Looking back we should have done it all at the same time based on Bob’s initial recommendations. All said and done these guys took care of us and would refer them to anyone needing roof repair or a new roof. 5 STARS

Bay Park roofing repair due to leaks in the torch down roof materials

When we decided to replace our old roof during a home remodel, we called three or four companies to get an idea of what options we had along with pricing. After speaking to a few of them, one being Roofing Specialists, we felt the most comfortable with These guys as they thoroughly explained the Owens Corning warranty. The thing that sold us was their knowledge of roofing and their product. The thing that we really liked is that their roofing warranty offered a 20 year transferable warranty as if we sold our home, we think that will go a long way for a prospective home buyer.

Roofing installation in Bay Park, San Diego using Owens Corning asphalt roof shingles

For Your Home: Residential Roofing Repair Services

Either over time or as a result of unexpected damage, your roof can develop many issues.

For example, while San Diego isn’t known for wet weather, when we do have a good rain, a roof leak could occur. On the other hand, roofing materials can gradually shrink, causing rips, tears, and ridges. And that’s not to mention the potential for shingles to be cracked by fallen tree branches or other debris.

No matter what problems might arise, though, there’s no need for you to worry. As experienced roofing specialists, we’ve seen it all. Not only can we quickly identify issues, but we also have the expertise to fix them.

This rings true no matter the roof type or the kind of materials used. As you know, homes in Bay Park feature a variety of styles from various periods. That equates to many different kinds of roofs. Yet, from roofs with flat/low-slope roofing systems to those with asphalt shingles, concrete tile, clay tile, and so on, we can repair them all.

Bay Park roofing repair due to leaks in the torch down roof materials
Roofing installation in Bay Park, San Diego using Owens Corning asphalt roof shingles

Residential Roofing Installation in Bay Park

What if repair isn’t the best option in your case? After all, the cost of repeated repairs on an old or damaged roof can quickly add up. In such a case, we will discuss our residential roofing installation services with you.

Our primary goal is to get you a durable roofing system. To that end, we complete a thorough assessment of the necessary services. Is the installation of new flashings in order to protect against water damage? Is there damage to the underlying structure of your roof that needs to be repaired? We consider all angles and tick all the boxes before and during the installation process.

And so that you have no worries afterward, we offer some of the best warranty coverage available. It’s one of the perks of being an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor. Not only is the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty transferable and non-prorated, but it also covers materials and workmanship!

What About Commercial Roofing Installation in Bay Park?

If you own an office space, retail location, apartment complex, or other commercial building in the area, we can help you. We offer the same top-notch service and expertise discussed above to commercial clients.

Our commercial roofing installation options include traditional shingle roofing, flat roofing, and even cool roofing. Specifically, the latter is an efficient roofing system that we (and our clients) highly recommend. Why? Because it reflects the sun’s heat and cools itself by emitting radiation back into the atmosphere. This comes in handy during warmer months when it’s generally more difficult to keep cool and comfortable indoors. It takes some of the strain off of your hardworking AC and, as a result, also reduces the strain on your wallet!

Torch down commercial roof repair in Bay Park

When You Need Commercial Roofing Repair

Just as with residential roofing systems, their commercial counterparts can also be damaged or become less functional over time. If that’s the case with your roof, the first course of action should be to schedule a thorough inspection with a roofing contractor in Bay Park.

The sooner we find and address commercial roofing repairs, the less stressful things will be for you. Taking action early goes a long way in limiting burdensome roofing expenses.

But what if you’re not aware of any existing issues with the roof of your commercial property in Bay Park? While that’s good, don’t begin to slack off concerning the upkeep of your roof. You should still have semi-annual inspections. After all, not all issues are immediately obvious. Yet, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. In reality, they may be getting worse by the day!

Regular inspections will ensure that nothing evades notice. This, ultimately, will save you money, time, and stress.

Why Choose Us As Your Roofing Contractor?

It doesn’t matter if you need a residential roofing contractor in Bay Park or a commercial one. In either case, you’ll want roofing specialists that have your best interests in mind and will do quality work.

We are those specialists. Besides being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we’re also certified installers of the best roofing products. In addition to Owen’s Corning, we use products from the industry’s top dogs such as Duro-Last and Eagle.

With these, we can improve the aesthetic of your home or commercial property. But, more importantly, we can get you a durable roofing system that will serve you well in the years to come.

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