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Not Your Average Roofing Contractor in El Cajon

Do you own a home or commercial property in “The Box”, also known as the suburban community of El Cajon? If so, you need to have a reliable roofing contractor you can call when the need arises.

While Roofing Specialists of San Diego is by no means the only roofing contractor in El Cajon, our many happy clients will tell you that we’re the best. What makes them so confident? Learn about our approach to providing roofing services in the area.

Our El Cajon Residential Roofing Installation Service

Getting a new roof put on your El Cajon home is a big step. Of course, you want an attractive result. Yet, you also want an efficient and durable roofing system. We specialize in providing both. Not only do our roofing systems improve the appearance of your home, but they’re also built to last.

Besides top-notch craftsmanship from years of experience on various roofing projects, we use the best products the industry has to offer. These include Tropical Roofing Products, Duro-Last, Eagle and Owen’s Corning. Speaking of the latter, we are an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor. As such we’re able to offer its top-notch warranty coverage, which is transferable and non-prorated. But that’s not all. It also covers roofing materials and workmanship, giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

It’s no wonder our residential roofing service is such a big hit with homeowners in El Cajon and throughout San Diego County!

New roof installation in El Cajon by licensed roofing contractor using Owens Corning

Hire Us For Commercial Roofing Installation in El Cajon

We don’t just serve homeowners. If you have an office space, retail location or other commercial property in El Cajon, we can do roofing installation for you too.

Our commercial roofing installation service will afford you with a variety of options to choose from including flat roofing, shingle roofing, and even cool roofing. As you know, because it’s a valley surrounded by mountains that trap hot air, temperatures in El Cajon tend to be high. That said, cool roofing can be a big help when it comes to regulating indoor temperatures, especially in summer.

El Cajon coomercial roofing with the installation of a new cool roof by Duro-Last

We Specialize in Residential Roofing Repair

In addition to residential and commercial roofing installation, we also carry out expert roof repair. Many homeowners contact us because they’ve noticed a leak, missing shingles or other visible issues. However, not all issues are easy to spot. Therefore, many are discovered during periodic inspections.

Homeowners who stick to the recommended semi-annual inspection schedule often have reduced repair repair costs compared to those who wait longer to have their roofs inspected. The longer problems go undetected, the more extensive and expensive they become!

How long has it been since your last inspection? If more than 6 months, it would be wise to schedule one right away. That way, we can address any problems we find right away and even perform preventative maintenance to ward off future issues.

roof repair in el Cajon due to heavily rotted wood trim boards

Our Commercial Roofing Repair Service

Semi-annual roofing inspections and preventative maintenance are also recommended for commercial properties. Swift repairs and protective measures such as roof coatings can go a long way in extending the life of your roof and keeping it fully functional.

But keep in mind that, if you’re aware of an existing issue, you shouldn’t wait until the 6-month mark to call in roofing experts. By then, who knows how much damage will have been done? The smart thing to do is to contact a roofing contractor in El Cajon as soon as you become aware of a roofing issue. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache!

El Cajon coomercial roof repair by removing the old tar roofing

Choose the Best Roofing Contractor in El Cajon

Roofing Specialists of San Diego is proud to be a premier installer and repairer of roofing systems in El Cajon and beyond. Whether a project is big or small, we offer nothing less than the most skilled roofing professionals, the most durable materials, and the best customer experience. We look forward to serving you!

Need an Expert Roofing Inspection?

Now that you’ve found a trusted roofing contractor in El Cajon, what next? Contact us to schedule a thorough roofing inspection!