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Choosing a Roofing Contractor in Mira Mesa

Do you have a home or a commercial building in Mira Mesa? If so, there’s something else you need to have. What is it? A reliable roofing company to call on when you need roofing inspection, repair or installation.

We—Roofing Specialists of San Diego—are regarded by our clients as the best roofing contractor in Mira Mesa. That reputation is one we’ve worked hard to earn, honing our craft over on countless roofing projects and becoming certified installers of the best roofing products. All so that we can offer you the following 4 superior services.

Residential Roofing Repair in Mira Mesa

Just like anything else, roofing systems deteriorate over time. Wear and tear are inevitable. This creates the need for roof repair. To maintain and enhance the functionality of a roof, it may be necessary to remove and replace damaged roofing materials including shingles and flashings.

The same is true when accidents happen, causing unexpected damage to a roof. Fallen debris may crack shingles, strong winds could blow them loose, animals scurrying around could cause punctures, and so on.

In any case, fast action to repair any damage is key so that the issues don’t worsen over time. Not only are we known for identifying and fixing issues fast, but we’re known for fixing them right. Our repairs last, giving you peace of mind and saving you money down the line.

Mira Mesa roof repairs needed due to heavy wood damage

When Residential Roofing Installation is Best

New homes need roofs. We’re always happy to handle roofing installation for such new homes in Mira Mesa. However, this isn’t the only situation in which residential roofing installation might be needed.

With older or damaged roofing systems, sometimes re-roofing is a smarter choice than repeatedly paying for repairs. In such cases, we gladly assist, even making repairs to the underlying structure of a roof if necessary before moving forward with roof replacement. That way, you get the most durable roofing system possible no matter the roof type.

We say “no matter the roof type” because we have the know-how and material to work on a wide range of roofs. This includes flat and low-sloped roofs, and those with concrete tile, clay tile, asphalt shingles, and more.

Besides that, we also offer an exceptional shingles warranty that is non-prorated, fully transferable, and covers materials and workmanship. In other words, it offers full protection. Feel free to ask us about the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty!

Mira Mesa roof installation with Owens Corning shingles

Commercial Roofing Installation in Mira Mesa

Roofing Specialists of San Diego also offers some of the best commercial roofing installation services in the area. We offer a variety of quality roofing options for office spaces, retail stores, apartment complexes, and more.

These options include the energy-efficient cool roofing system. It saves our clients a ton of money in warmer months by regulating its own temperature. That means less AC and a lower bill! Who wouldn’t want that?

Mira Mesa roof installation on commercial building getting material delivery

Call On Us For Commercial Roofing Repair

Just as with residential properties, problems can arise with commercial roofing systems also. Roofing materials can shrink and tear, leakage around vent pipes can occur, and so on.

When such issues do arise, getting them corrected ASAP is always the best course of action. It prevents problems from snowballing into bigger and more expensive issues.

Speaking of prevention, in addition to making necessary repairs, we also recommend and carry out preventive maintenance. Taking precautions such as applying roof coatings can extend the lifespan of your roof, preventing problems that may otherwise have threatened its functionality.

If you need repairs to your commercial roofing system and would like recommendations on preventative maintenance measures, give us a call.

Mira Mesa coomercial roof repair due to replacing damaged wood

Don’t Settle For Just Any Roofing Contractor in Mira Mesa

Having any sort of roofing work done is a big deal. For your safety and for your wallet, you want the work done right. And to get it done right, you’ve got to choose a skilled contractor.

Why not go with the most reliable roofing contractor in Mira Mesa—Roofing Specialists of SD? We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, of course. But there’s more. With us, you’re guaranteed both quality craftsmanship and quality products including those of Boral, GAF, and Duro-Last. You’ll have full confidence in the quality of our roofing solutions!

Need Roofing Services in Mira Mesa?

Whether you have residential or commercial needs, we’re ready and willing to help. How about we start with a roof inspection? Schedule yours today!