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The roof over your head needs to be both functional and durable. So, if and when it needs maintenance or replacement, choosing a reputable roofing company is key. After all, a subpar roofing installation or repair will inevitably cost you more in the long run. You don’t want that!
In contrast, expert roofers save you money. Roofing Specialists of San Diego—one of the best roofing contractors in San Carlos—have the expertise you need. We’re known throughout San Diego for top-notch workmanship and quality building products! Here’s why.

We Handle Residential Roofing Installation Projects

We’ve had the privilege of working with several San Carlos homeowners on re-roofing and roofing installation projects. One of the things they were most impressed with is our attention to detail and commitment to providing the best roofing systems.

While some other roofing companies quickly slap new roofs on and call it a day, we go a step further. Before any project, we complete a thorough inspection. We do this to ensure that there are no existing issues that would reduce the efficiency of longevity of the roof we install.

If any such issues do exist (such as damage to underlying structures), we repair those first. We may also install new flashings or other components to get the best possible result. As a result, our roofing systems are some of the most durable money can buy. Yet, that doesn’t stop us from providing extensive warranty coverage in case unexpected issues do come up.

As an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor, we offer the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty. What’s so great about it? It’s transferable, non-prorated, and covers both materials and workmanship. That means no roofing worries for you!

We Do Residential Roofing Repair in San Carlos

You may not need installation or full roof replacement. Might residential roofing repair be a more appropriate service for you? Yes, if you know that your roof is leaking, has cracked or missing shingles, or has been damaged by strong winds or debris.

But what if you’re not aware of any issues? That’s where semi-annual roofing inspections come in. They catch problems that would otherwise go unseen and snowball into bigger, more costly problems over time.

How long has it been since you last had the roof of your home inspected by a professional? If more than six months or if you know of an existing issue, schedule an inspection right away. The sooner you do, the faster necessary repairs can be done.

What If You Need Commercial Roofing Installation?

We’re often hired by owners of offices, retail stores, and other commercial spaces for commercial roofing installation in San Carlos. One of the reasons for this is our versatility.

We offer several options including concrete and clay tile roofing, flat and low-slope roofing, and even cool roofing. The great thing is that, no matter which one a client goes with, they are guaranteed the same superior level of craftsmanship. Our goal is always to achieve maximum efficiency and durability, and we don’t stop until we’ve met that standard.

San Carlos commercial roof repair with Duro-Last cool roofing

We Provide Commercial Roofing Repair in San Carlos

As a commercial building owner, you’re responsible for making sure that your roof is in good shape. You don’t want to be caught off guard by exorbitant expenses simply because your roof hasn’t gotten the TLC it needs. More importantly, you don’t want to put your health and safety (or that of others) at risk.

So it’s worth mentioning again the importance of periodic roofing inspections. Not only can we address issues early, but we can also do preventative maintenance to avoid potential problems entirely. Let us know if you have any questions about your possible commercial roof repair.

San Carlos commercial roof repair removing old torch down roofing materials

You Won’t Find a Better Roofing Contractor in San Carlos

Our name—Roofing Specialists of San Diego—has become synonymous with flawless craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. Not to mention that we’re known for using time-tested, top-notch roofing products such as Eagle, Duro-Last, and Owen’s Corning. And, of course, we’re also licensed, bonded, and insured.

Let’s Discuss Your Roofing Needs

Do you need roofing services in San Carlos or elsewhere in the eastern part of San Diego? Contact us today to discuss your needs!

If you are suspecting a roofing concern or looking to buy or sell a home, it is time for your professional roof inspection. Schedule one today!