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Why We’re a Top Roofing Contractor in University City

Roofing Specialists of San Diego is a well-respected roofing contractor in University City. Our versatility is one of our many strengths. We do both roof repair and roofing installation for residential and commercial properties. Our expertise runs the gamut of roofing types and materials so, whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

A few weeks ago we were in the living room watching tv and noticed a drip of water coming from the ceiling near the fireplace. We suspected a roof leak and started calling around for some information. Interesting enough, after calling multiple roofing companies and getting voice recordings we finally got ahold of Eric from Roofing Specialists of San Diego. He explained to my husband that they can not come during the rain though once it clears up Bob will stop by to evaluate. Once that was complete they sent us an estimate and 2 days later were out and made the repairs. We appreciate the prompt help and great service.

After finding moisture on our ceiling, we decided it was time to have our roof looked at. After a week or so, we had a few companies out and we were most impressed with Bob and his knowledge about our roof. He explained that we needed to remove the old roofing tiles and to replace the water proofing materials and then re-install our existing tiles. He told us that the tiles were still solid and did not need to be replaced where another company wanted to sell us all new tiles. We appreciate honesty and would refer Roofing Specialists to any friends and family.

University City roofing installation with clay roof tiles

A Popular Service: Residential Roofing Installation

A new roof can not only protect you from the elements but can give your home’s curb appeal a boost. Has your roof seen better days? If so, a roof replacement may be in order. No doubt, if that’s the case, you want the job done right.

Some roofing companies are more than happy to do the bare minimum. Not us. We’re dedicated to making sure that every aspect of your roof is sound and built to last. This includes repairing the underlying structure of a roof if needed before completing installation.

Additionally, in the event of any issues with your roofing system, you can take advantage of our exceptional warranty coverage. As an Owen’s Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor, we offer the Owen’s Corning System Protection warranty. Transferable, non-prorated, and good for both materials and workmanship, it covers all the bases.

University City roofing installation with clay roof tiles

Roofing Specialists of SD For Residential Roofing Repair

Don’t need a full roof replacement? We offer roof repair in University City also to fix less extensive roofing problems. These include leaks, cracked or missing shingles, punctures, and so on.

But many of these issues you might not be able to detect on your own. For example, you may not be aware of a leak dripping into your attic or a cracked shingle way up high. So how can you know when it’s time to call in a roofing contractor?

You should see your roofing contractor at least every six months for a thorough inspection. Do your best to keep up with that semi-annual schedule. After all, if you wait until you see a major problem with your roof, the issue has likely progressed further than it otherwise would have. And more of a problem equals more of an expense.

Regular inspections help greatly with early detection and correction, saving you money in the end.

Commercial Roofing Repair in University City

Regular roofing inspections are also recommended semi-annually for commercial buildings. Not unlike residential roofing systems, they too are prone to damage and need roof repair at times.

To reduce the need for that service, though, we advocate for preventative maintenance. Among other things, we recommend the application of roof coatings, which provide lasting protection against the elements.

And if your roof should need to be fixed? Of course, you’ll want roofing experts who can complete skillful repairs no matter your roof type or the materials used. Being roofing specialists, we’re familiar with all kinds of commercial roofing systems and can repair or replace asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tile, etcetera.

University City commercial roof repair of roof tiles with leaking roof
University City commercial roof installation with new clay roof tiles

Our Commercial Roofing Installation Services

Need a whole new roof for your University City commercial property? Whether it’s an office space, retail store, apartment complex, or some other space, we can assist. We can handle all of your commercial roofing installation needs, no matter the size and scope of work required.

We’re skilled in flat and low-slope roofing, clay and concrete tile roofing, and asphalt shingle roofing to name a few. Besides that, we have cool roofing options, which maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. It’s the perfect solution for the San Diego summer heat!

Why Choose Roofing Specialists of San Diego?

We’re the premier installer of residential and commercial roofing systems in University City and San Diego County. Our clients have come to expect nothing but the highest quality roofing products and top-notch craftsmanship.

We are licensed, bonded, and fully-insured. And we’re also certified to install all the best roofing products including Eagle and Duro-Last. When you need a roofing contractor in University City, there’s no roofing company more reliable to call on!

Whether you have a home improvement project or an emergency leak on your hands, our roofing experts will take care of you.

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