San Diego cool roof benefits

An Economical and Environmentally Friendly Option!

Traditional roofing materials absorb heat and allow the higher temperatures to seep into the building or living space beneath. Cool roofs have been designed to absorb less heat by reflecting the sunlight away from the structure and back into the atmosphere. The process is becoming more popular in San Diego and can be accomplished through specially developed sheet coverings, reflective paints, cool tiles and shingles. Virtually every type of building in warmer regions will benefit from this roofing technology provided by Roofing Specialists of San Diego.

San Diego cool roof installation and coatings

How Cool Roofs Work in San Diego County

In much the same way that San Diego residents wear light colored clothing to keep cool on the hot summer days, cool roofing uses the principles of solar reflectance and thermal emittance to maintain lower roof temperatures.

Solar reflectance refers to how the lighter colors are able to reflect rather than absorb the hot sun rays during the day. Thermal emittance refers to the rate with which a roofing material can release heat back into the atmosphere. While standard dark roof temperatures can reach 150°F or more during the summer, cool roofing which reflects this heat can be a vital way to protect the inside building temperature, greatly reducing cooling costs.

Features of Cool Roofing

The presence of a cool roof provides many benefits to San Diego homeowners, commercial building owners and occupants, including:
Reduced utility bills due to decreased need for central air conditioning
Improved comfort, stable temperatures in spaces without air conditioning
Extended exterior roof lifespan due to decreased temperature and less exposure to harmful sun rays

There are several communal benefits when many buildings have reflective surfaces. Collectively they service the surrounding community when cool roofs:

  • Reduce overall air temperatures in dense areas (urban heat island effect)
  • Reduce peak electricity demand, which can prevent unexpected power outages
  • Reduce harmful emissions, including carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide and mercury
  • Turn Your Existing Structure Into a Cool Roof

Our San Diego climate is important because cool roofs are especially effective in warm, sunny temperatures.

Although there are many different combinations of roofing systems, one simple rule applies, the surface that is exposed to the most sun rays will regulate its overall temperature. Both new and existing structures can be made energy efficient through a number of different processes.

Cool roof coatings applied by Roofing Specialist of San Diego are either white or are specially colored pigments that reflect sunlight. Coatings are thick paint-like substances applied by spray or brush to most roof types. They protect the surface from ultraviolet light and chemical damage. Some coatings also offer moisture protection and restorative properties.

Transforming existing roofs into cool roofs may include coating the existing surface with a reflective waterproof material. If the existing roof is in need of serious roof repair, it may be either retrofitted or completely replaced. The cool roofing installation options that Roofing Specialists of San Diego provide include a wide variety of reflective materials for any type of roof.

Whether installing on new homes or when replacing existing worn roofs, the cost is not much higher than traditional roofing choices. In addition, cool roofing options have longer lifespans than their non-cool counterparts.

Cool roof options offer a way for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing the number of greenhouse gases released into the air. These environmentally friendly materials also save money on air-conditioning costs and improve air quality. When enough are installed or replaced on a local scale, they can also lower temperatures across whole urban communities. Cool roofing in San Diego not only makes sense but it saves money and helps the environment as well.

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