During our initial inspection the roof showed evidence of poor water drainage and we could visually see the fiberglass matting in the asphalt shingles which indicated it was time to replace them. This customer’s residential roof in the Birdland area of San Diego had two layers of shingles with three asphalt shingle layers in sections which had reached their life expectancy and needed to be replaced. Due to water damage caused by the added layers of shingle roofing and wood repairs not properly completed when needed we performed a complete roof tear off. To remedy the poor water drainage from the roof we rebuilt the roof cricket or roof saddle for more positive water flow. Our crew’s never lay new asphalt shingles over old asphalt shingles because we can never identify any damage to underlying areas of wood, and to also achieve a full lifetime warranty. Prior to the roof installation we moved a few pipes that were in the roof valley that were improperly installed during a prior home remodel. As a proud Owens Corning Preferred Contractor on this San Diego home we then installed estate grey TruDefinition Duration asphalt shingles with SureNail technology as part of the Owens Corning total protection roofing system. The attic ventilation was also updated with Owens Corning low profile soffit vents, along with an Owens Corning VentSure ridge vent. The customer noticed a significant change in the attic temperature and said it felt the same as the outside air temperature. Upon starting the job we saw that there was minimal need for wood replacement because of the quality of wood that was originally used. After offering the customer multiple options for different roofing products and warranties, the customer decided on a single ply dibiten torch down system. The roofing material was applied to the flat portion of the roof and on the other areas of the roof we re-installed the existing two piece clay tiles. We also needed to replace some broken and missing clay roofing tiles. We matched the new replacement tiles to the existing roof tiles as closely as possible. Additional tiles were needed partly because pan style tiles were used as tops, exposing the nail holes to weather and water, which we remedied. Installing the correct ridge tiles will no longer allow water to penetrate through the nail holes. When the roof was initially installed, only cement was applied at the wall junctions to defuse the water out to the tile. We corrected this by installing the proper counter flash metal so that meets modern code requirements. By cutting corners, these initial roofing installation mistakes could have caused damage to the home costing the homeowner additional money. The customer really appreciated our knowledge and was thankful that we corrected these issues.
"They were very personable and went over the job in great detail. They were on time and worked very fast. The finished roof looked great. They gave me choices and suggestions for different finishing touches to make the roof look better. They explained all the steps involved in putting on the new roof. After finishing they went over all they had done and touched up any final details."
Asphalt roofing installation with energy effiecient roof ventilation in San Diego, 92123
Date published: 10/23/2014
5 / 5 stars